Blink 182- Getting Back Together for the Kids!

Blink 182- Getting Back Together for the Kids!

The moment fans have been waiting for... The Blink 182 reunion! Last year, Blink confirmed rumors of the big reunion, released "Edging", and announced their world tour- all at the same time, it seems.

Perhaps you've seen the "They are coming" commercials or saw other signs they were getting back together! There were billboards in South America hinting of their return and fans around the world rejoiced when the new was officially publicized! 

While fans didn't have to wait long for a tour announcement, they did have to pay steep ticket prices. For many, though, it was a small price to finally reunite with the punk trio from San Diego, CA, also known as the Mark, Tom, and Travis Show. All members were in other bands at some point, even if for a short time, but nothing can match the nostalgia and sound of Blink 182!

Maybe you've seen the creative ways fans are prepping for "what to wear" to the "rock show". If you are still undecided, check out the Blink 182 Collection, which actually started after the release of the Angels & Airwave's Collection. The cancellation of AVA shows inspired Tom Blinked, a phrase coined by Atlas Wanderlust. The Tom Blinked Collection started with a pair of socks, which are still the top-seller on my Etsy shop. Get yours today from our online store!

Please share your favorite Blink memory or song! 


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Adam’s Song takes me back every time.


I love everything on Neighborhoods.


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