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Track Passwords, Account Info, & Major Purchases, Nature

Track Passwords, Account Info, & Major Purchases, Nature

Original design by Atlas Wanderlust

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Having everything all in one place, when you need it is highly underrated. How often have you scribbled something down, only to never find it again? Or log something in your cell, only for it to get lost in the shuffle? Are friends and family able to assist with your affairs, should something happen to you? That is all too often the case. Be prepared with proper planning.


  • Passwords: Website/ App, Name, Username, Password, 2 Password Hints and Answers, Notes
  • Account Information: Account Name, Name on Account, Account Number, Username, Password, 2Hints and Answers, Due Date, AutoPay Info, Phone Number
  • Major Purchases: Item Purchased, Amount, Purchase Location, Date Purchased, Warranty Info, Notes

This book is also available on Amazon, along with many others. To view the collection, visit the Atlas Wanderlust author page on Amazon (opens in new window).

Book Details: 8.15" x 11", 81 pages, and Paperback

  • 8.15" x 11"
  • 81 pages
  • Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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Linda M

Lovely! Great purchase!

So glad to hear. I personally use it too! Let me know if you have ideas for a new or modified version! Thank you.